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5 Reasons to Use Home Boarding Over Kennels

I never like the idea of leaving my dogs if I have to go out of town. The excitement of a vacation to paradise can be overshadowed by the worry of what to do with Chloe and Roxy. Since they are members of the family, it is not a decision to take lightly. It is always agonizing to decide where to leave them. A kennel or leave them in a home boarding business?

What is In-Home Dog Boarding? Instead of using a kennel, which can be stressful to dogs, it is the home of a professional dog boarder. With a dog boarder, they are treated just like a member of the family, which is much less stressful for the dog. It is the comfort of home in someone else's home for your furry family member. This post should help you make this decision.

Top 5 Reasons for Dog Boarding over Kennels


A dog boarder welcomes the dogs to the family. Sofas are all dog friendly. The dogs get to experience the same level of comfort as home, which is a very comforting feeling. While they miss their family, they are in the care of a loving family.

Social Interaction

By nature, dogs are pack animals. Their pack can be other dogs or even their family. Take them away from their comfort zone, then they yearn for a pack again. Without socialization, dogs can become lonely, depressed and anxious. Being with a boarder allows them to be part of the "new" pack and family. Each dog gets individual attention which also eases anxiety.

Fight Boredom

Dogs left alone can become bored and destructive. They hate to be cooped up with nothing to do. With a home boarder, you can guarantee that your dog will get regular walks and play time. At the end of the day, a boarder with regular exercise, your dog will be tired, happy and calm.

Keeping Chloe Healthy

In-home boarders usually only keep a few dogs at a time. This is protects your dog from being exposed to more illnesses and disease since they are around less dogs. At kennels, dogs are exposed a large number of dogs and the threat of kennel cough is a real concern. The environment with a dog boarder is much more controlled. Boarders have a more flexible schedule so they can usually ensure that your dog receives any medication they take at their scheduled time.

Peace of Mind

It goes to say that you probably miss your pet as much as they miss you. Having a professional boarder send you pictures and videos daily helps you gain peace of mind. Seeing your dog interacting and having fun helps you to relax and know that they are in good hands. Roxy will appreciate a boarder's friendliness and attentiveness, and be a little less likely to give you the cold shoulder when you return. There is nothing worse than spending your vacation time worrying about your pet. A home boarder allows you that peace of mind to enjoy your time!

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